About Trees and European Arboricultural Council
Trees are the largest and longest living organisms on earth. Trees are the most important living things for our environment. Trees are sometimes mistreated due to lack of professionalism during planting, pruning and other arboricultural practices. International cooperation between people who work with trees whether in private or public employment develops a better knowledge of growing and maintaining trees.

The European Arboricultural Council (EAC) is a forum where delegates from various arboricultural organizations throughout Europe meet with the object of elevating the status and advancing the profession by liaising on matters ranging from research and education to successful tree establishment and improvement of working practices.

This will lead to healthier and longer living trees in towns, parks, gardens, or where trees are grown to beautify Europe.

The European Arboricultural Council (EAC) is needed to put the necessary pressure on the appropriate governing institutions and individuals.
About the EAC:
1. Objectives
Here you will find the aims of the EAC.
2. Members 
Here are listed the member countries and their organizations.
3. Committees of the EAC 
The members of the EAC elect an Executive Committee which will convene the Annual General Meeting4 Committees investigate intensively any matter relevant to arboriculture.

Please click on the different committees to get further information.
3a. The "Education and Certification Committee" 
This committee has elaborated the training and further education program which leads to the qualification of "European Tree Worker" and to the the European Tree Technician. It is offering an annual meeting of the EAC supervisor and is updating the examination rules and the curriculum.
3b. The "Publication and Workpractice Committee" 
This Committee has published "A guide to Safe Work Practice" , which is available as a pdf-file too and has elaborated an EAC-European Tree Pruning Guide and an EAC-European Tree and Palm Planting Guide.
3c. The "Public Relations and Marketing Committee"
 This committee is looking at sources of funding and promotion for the EAC and for specific projects of the EAC.
3d. The "European Arboriculture Online Committee"
This committee is responsible for the Leonardo-da-Vinci-EU-Project European Arboriculture Online.
4. Bylaws
Here you find the complete bylaws of the EAC.
Further information
Several times a year the EAC publishes the EAC Newsletter which contains relevant information from all the member countries and the Executive Committee.
Are you interested in the work of the EAC? Do you require further information? Then contact your national member or send us an e-mail .
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